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This is a detailed guide about all the endings in the game. Everlasting Summer allows you to skip through already seen text, which saves you a lot of time if you choose to achieve all 13 endings, and if I roll the scroll wheel of my mouse upward, I get to backtrack and even change a choice (unless a chapter has passed) though (correct me if I'm wrong) I think that's more of the Ren'py engine glitch.

Frosty Kiss can be best summed up as an epilogue to Everlasting Summer, being a very short visual novel (I got the first ending in about ten minutes) which features the main female cast of the game (no cat girl or male characters make an appearance) and the protagonist of the previous game just celebrating in the new year.

If you haven't played it yet, you should wait till November 2016: the game's developer, Ice-Pick Lodge, has promised to release a full remake this fall, fixing all the technical issues that plagued the original (pun intended). It features dozens of hours of gameplay with a multitude of choices that define the development of the story; four heroines, each with her own story, temper, and several possible endings.

Even Russian gamers themselves have a somewhat skeptical attitude towards locally produced video games. All things considered, there are very few bad things one can say about Everlasting Summer, except maybe that it's a tad too simple in regards to the player's role in the grand scheme of things.

Still, those rare Russian video games that do manage to take off tend to become beloved classics within the country. It does nothing new or original in terms of plot, player choice, or characters. The game has a very diverse cast of characters, which, as I VideoGames mentioned before, are all (or, mostly) mascots of the 2chan board.

I know this might be a very unfair criticism on some levels (after all, free games aren't designed with the intention of being huge games which will be played forever), but I also tend to do this in connection to a game that only has one ending as well, which I feel negates the issue a bit because these are games which are short and which offer little replay value.

There's a lot of minute details you don't notice that are actually contradictory based on what they write, such as having everyone portrayed as though they are 18 years old, but you go back in time as a 17-year old with others in a youth camp, in a mostly eroge game.

Old School Building : Even though Camp Sovyonok isn't a school, the old campsite is functionally identical to the Old School Buildings used in other visual novels by being an abandoned location filled with lots of mysteries. Everlasting Summer is a game developed in the quickly expanding Russian game industry, something that shines through in both the visuals and writing.

According to the walk-through, this is a visual novel in which you have to finish the game multiple times, seven in this case ending up with a different girl each time, to get the true ending”. Neither any of the characters, the narration, or even the display of the name of which character is speaking, ever calls her by anything other than both her names — which is exactly how students always refer to their teachers in Russia.

The Good Endings for the main four girls. Visual novel review: Everlasting Summer. Childhood Marriage Promise : It stretches "childhood" a bit far, but at the end of Ulyana's good route she makes Semyon promise to marry her when she grows up. Soundtrack completa de la novela visual gratuita Everlasting Summer Thanks to Unknown Motherfcker for the list Bright side (Sergey Eybog): - Everlasting.

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